Containment measures extended until Feb. 12 in Jalisco


Jalisco, Mexico – Due to the high rate of coronavirus infections and Covid-related deaths in the State of Jalisco, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez announced that the containment measures that were mandated on January 16, and scheduled to end on January 31, will be extended for another two weeks.

The announcement came after a meeting with the Mesa de Salud, where it was determined that Jalisco is still at the most critical point of the pandemic, in addition to the fact that four cases of the South African-Brazilian variant, which can be more contagious, have already been diagnosed in the state.

Enrique Alfaro

According to the Governor, the level of infections and hospital occupation have stabilized over the last few days, and though this is “undoubtedly encouraging in the sense that the measures we have taken are beginning to give results little by little, we also need to make it clear that we cannot think that this means being able to move forward as if nothing had happened.” For that reason, he said, “the decision has been made to extend the confinement measures that are currently in force until February 12.”

He reiterated that we are at a critical moment of the pandemic and, as such, “By agreement of the Mesa de Salud, I am instructing the Secretary General of Government to send a clear message to the municipal presidents that [the time for] patience is over, the municipal presidents who do not comply with the measures that are being announced will be sanctioned – without exception.”

Alfaro went on to say that this mandate will be the last to be taken in the framework of the Jalisco COVID-19 Plan, which was designed 11 months ago together with the University of Guadalajara to face the health emergency, and has “undoubtedly benefited our State.”

ACOMPAÑA CRÓNICA: MÉXICO INCUBADORA – AME4568. CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (MÉXICO), 05/06/2020.- Integrantes del personal de salud atienden a recién nacidos con sospecha de la Covid-19 el 3 de junio de 2020, en el hospital materno perinatal Mónica Pretelini, en la ciudad de Toluca, Estado de México (México). Alondra llora. Inconsolable mueve su pequeño cuerpo buscando quizá a su madre. Pero no está. Alondra está obligada, apenas con unos días de nacida, a estar dentro de una incubadora al ser una bebé sospechosa de estar contagiada de coronavirus. EFE/ Jorge Núñez

“However,” he said, “at this point a long term approach has to be made,” so on February 12 an Integral Plan to face the pandemic will be presented.

This new strategy is a long-term approach for the remainder of 2021 that aims to expedite the return to in-person classes and to avoid closures that would impede the state’s economic reactivation.

The Integral Plan will include reinforcement of the prevention measures and vaccination plan, the study of new treatments that are being tested in the world today, and a psychological and mental health care program to help people deal with the effects of the pandemic.


Finally, Governor Alfaro asked the people of Jalisco to continue complying with the restrictions and to practice individual responsibility, and called for the people’s commitment and solidarity.

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