Mexico has a website for older adults to register for the COVID vaccine: This is how it works


Mexico is going to make a gigantic directory of all the people who are going to be vaccinated. The vaccination day against COVID-19 will be ” atypical ” as has been said in the morning conference given the number of shipments and times when they will arrive. Part of the strategy to keep a check, especially in large and medium cities, is for older adults (for now) to register on a website.

“That they help us to ask for the support of relatives and relatives of older adults who are often not familiar with these platforms but it was the only way we found to be able to make a great record and make personalized appointments”

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A web registry to access vaccination

The website in question is and a few minutes after it has been launched it will surely appear to be down due to the amount of traffic it has received. Once you are able to reestablish yourself, seniors over sixty will be able to enter to register for which they will be asked for their CURP. Within the website, there will be options to download a registration guide, consult CURP if you do not know it, and consult the privacy notice.

Once the CURP has been entered, you must verify that the data is correct and select the option ” I want to be vaccinated .” Immediately after, the entity and municipality of residence, as well as the postal code, are selected. It does not matter if the address does not match the one on the official identification, it must be the current place of residence. Finally, one or more telephones is added as well as mail (they can be several) of your own or of relatives.

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Additionally, contact notes can be added with details about the hours in which the contact is preferred or to specify if the given telephone number belongs to a relative. Finally, the form is completed by clicking on ” send ” and then the user will be able to request proof of the registration made.

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When vaccines are available, a public official will contact the user. The call will give the date and place where the older adult can be vaccinated. In any case, the registration, the call, and any subsequent service will be free. On the day of the appointment, the older adult must arrive with official identification and after having had breakfast. If medications are taken regularly, they can be taken normally on the day of application. If the registration is made with a CURP of a person under 60 years of age, the system will send a message clarifying that for now, the registration is only for older adults

That day an evaluation of the elderly will be made to confirm that there are no symptoms that prevent vaccination. After the application, you will be in an observation area for 30 minutes. If the vaccine in question is two doses, then the patient will be contacted later by a phone call to schedule a second appointment.

In any case, it is recommended that older adults, after the application of the vaccine, stay hydrated, do not eat after hours, and take their medications at the usual times. It is also recommended not to spend many hours in hot areas. Of course, after the application of the vaccine, it is still recommended to wear a mask, wash hands often and keep a healthy distance.


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