Better connectivity for La Paz with new highway bypass


The governor, Carlos Mendoza Davis, met with the head of the SCT in BCS to report on the status of the technical studies.

La Paz, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex) .- “In the state government we work every day to bring benefits that impact the lives of South California families and those who visit us, and that this translates into well-being and better way of life for the population ”, highlighted the governor, Carlos Mendoza Davis, when informing that the necessary steps are being taken for the construction of the“ Libramiento Sur – Poniente ”in the state capital.

When meeting with Javier Rendón Meza, new general director of the Center of the Ministry of Communications and Transport (STC) in the middle peninsula, the governor reported that the state administration is making progress in technical studies to justify before the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit ( SHCP) the construction of this bypass that will link the highways to the south and north of the entity.

Source: OEM

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