Mazatlan beach vendors survive thanks to national tourism


They expect that from this Saturday the influx of tourism will increase and with it sales

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Although sales have been very critical, at least they are getting something to survive, said the leader of the beach vendors, Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio.

He stressed that the activity is reactivated by national tourism from neighboring states that arrive at the port on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and on Monday when it leaves, the economy falls again.

“Tourists are not spending much but the economy of all of us who are dedicated to the sale of handicrafts does help a little and what is Mexican tourism is the one that has come to save us from the crisis we had before, well you see, It took us like 100 days without working what is 2020 and we are just starting and hopefully they will continue to increase ” , he said.

Ríos Rubio trusted that as of this Saturday national tourism will increase a little because there is very little foreign tourist in the port.

He rated 2020 as terrible, so he is confident that 2021 will be a better year for all beach vendors.


The Mazatlan Post