María, only 8 years old, struggles between life and death after being hit by a drunk driver in Mazatlan


Some children managed to take refuge under other parked vehicles and others fought the onslaught by stepping aside, all except Camila and María, who were run over with everything and a bicycle by a man who was driving while intoxicated.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- It was the first hours after dawn was pronounced on the horizon of December 25; the children in the street showed their friends the toys that Santa Claus had left them the night before. Camila, 11 years old, premiered her bicycle with her friend María, 8 years old, who with her silver shoes, laughed and enjoyed the Christmas wind, nothing bad could happen until suddenly, everything was dark.

There was no one missing on the street, all the neighbors, alarmed, left their houses after hearing the screams of horror from the witnesses who saw how little Maria was dragged four streets down, between the stones of the unpaved road, tangled between the tires of a vehicle, until a house managed to slow down and free the already unconscious girl.

“The man wanted to run away, dragging the girl several blocks between the tires of the car, while the neighbors told him to stop, he dragged her from this corner to where the pavement ends and there he released the girl, due to the same impact, in addition to the fact that there is dirt, she released the girl’s body, ”the aunt of the girl interviewed by Reacción Informativa narrated through tears.

“And they told him to stop, I have a cousin who lives from this house to the next, and her son was outside and they yelled at him to stop and he didn’t want to, on the contrary, he sped up more… But my daughter saw everything, My daughter is the age of the girl, she is eight years old too, and the truth is that the girl is very bad ”, he added.

Bicycle Girls run over in the Insurgentes neighborhood

The red vehicle came down from Río Mocorito street and Río Yaqui Street so quickly that some children just manage to take refuge under other parked vehicles and others fought the onslaught by stepping aside, all except Camila and María, who were run over with everything and a bicycle by a man, said to have been driving while intoxicated.

“If I don’t stand aside the car kills me, I had to look and aside I stepped aside, here they ran over the two girls and there on the corner they ran over a woman, if I don’t take off it kills me and my sister, God’s truth … A girl hid under a car, because if not they will also take her and she came home very scared

María woke up on the morning of December 25 with the hope of resuming her daily routine of play in the company of her friend Camila, who had been given a bicycle as a gift, this being the main reason why she decided not to play with the skates that she they had ‘dawned’. After there was nothing, suddenly everything was opaque and she did not hear anything, Camila could not feel the pain of the huge wound on her head and confused she stood up, wondering what had happened. Maria could no longer wake up, she was unconscious, one of her eyes was out of its socket and her internal organs seemed to have exploded inside her body.

“What happened to me? Said the girl, why are there so many people? I used to say, is that I saw a lot of people because the whole colony left… I realized everything and when they took the girl, she had some silver shoes, that man deserves jail for life, “said a neighbor who almost was hit by the uncontrolled vehicle.

“The girls were playing, they always play out here, the youngest girl was on the bike rack, they were playing on the bike, several children were walking and a man even managed to yell at them for the car, some reached to the edge, but I was very scared, ”said another neighbor with a lump in her throat.


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