We have to repair oppression: CDMx’s first openly gay police command


Javier Berain is Mexico City’s General Director of Traffic Regulation Enforcement, but he faithfully believes that his work in the SSC is the inclusion of people from the LGBT + community in public office.

Javier Berain graduated from the diploma to Mandos Habilitados University of Police of the City of Mexico , becoming the first command openly gay  to do so . Javier Berain  is a determined person; You know you have the opportunity to visualize the c ommunity LGBT +  from his trench at the Mexico City police. 

Javier Berain is Mexico City’s General Director of Traffic Regulation Enforcement

On December 9, he graduated from the Diploma for Qualified Leaders of the Police University, where he thanked the Secretary of Citizen Security , Omar García Harfuch , for the trust he placed in him. He recognized that it was an honor to be the first openly person from the community to be qualified as command of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC)  , although it was García Harfuch himself who asked Berain “what was it that What did your partner think when entering this institution? ”, to which he replied:“ He is worried, but I will reassure him ”.

Berain holds the position of General Director of Traffic Law Enforcement of Mexico City . Although he is in charge of more than 800 people, when he gets home he likes to walk his two adopted dogs, Úrsula and Chabela, and then go to bed to plan his work for the next day. However, he faithfully believes that his work in the SSC is the inclusion of people of sexual diversity in public office . He assured that within this body he has had a good response from his superiors.

How important is it for an LGBT + person to hold public office?

There are two dimensions, the first is a historical dimension , in which in the twentieth century, homosexual men were called “jotos because of the corridor ‘J’ in the Lecumberri prison”, because that was where they put everyone in that cell gays, and it was precisely the police who promoted discrimination and the repression of sexual dissidence in this city.

And not only do we have to repair that oppression , but we also have to give the opportunity to give these sexual dissidents to participate in the State and it is a historic change, and I am honored to be part of this change that we have achieved; move from activism where they asked us to stop repressing, to command and entrust us with the leadership of an institution that was previously used to repress these people. So for sexual diversity, has it been difficult to grow up in the public sector?

Yes, and there we go with the second dimension. I am convinced that people are sexual dissidents, we are all sexually diverse and we have a lot to contribute to society, particularly in public affairs and debates. The important thing about this is not to pigeonhole people in one job or another, we have the ability to contribute on all issues. And women would not have to be pigeonholed in the SECRETARIAT Women or LGBT + in the General Directorate of Human Rights and Sexual Diversity of the Government of the CDMX .


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