More human remains found on Isla de la Piedra in Mazatlan


Women scouts of the group Lost Treasures until they are found located a clandestine grave in a property on the side of the road to Isla de la Piedra in Mazatlán

Mazatlán.- A clandestine grave was discovered shortly before noon today, in a property found that is located on the side of the road that leads to the ejido of Isla de la Piedra in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

The finding was made by female trackers from the group Lost Treasures to Finding Them, who from an early hour went to the place located a short distance from the paradisiacal community.

After a careful search, the women managed to find clues that indicated the probability of a clandestine grave, which was later confirmed.

Due to what happened to the place, elements of the State Investigative Police arrived, who was in charge of cordoning off the area where the bone remains were found.

Expert services personnel from the Attorney General’s Office went to the scene to immediately collect evidence that could be related to the unfortunate event.

An agent from the FGJ Public Prosecutor’s Office attested to what happened by opening an investigation folder to later request that the body be transferred to the Forensic Medical Service.

Encuentran osamenta cerca de la Isla de la Piedra en Mazatlán

The skeletal remains will remain in the SEMEFO, where it was said that various studies would be carried out to determine the possible causes that could have led to the death.

Other tests will also be carried out to be able to identify the body through the data bank that the authority of the people who have missing relatives has.


The Mazatlan Post