Sinaloa Real Estate Broker Laws Urged by AMPI


The president of AMPI Mazatlán revealed that this year frauds in the sale of properties and vacation rentals increased by 12%

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To give certainty to the investment and avoid fraud, it is necessary to create the Real Estate Law in Sinaloa, said the president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals in Mazatlán, Luis Peraza Reyes.

AMPI Mazatlán

He commented that legal loopholes lead to fraud in the Real Estate sector; This year alone, the cases of property sales and vacation rentals have increased by 12%.

He explained that the main cases are of people who come, leave their deposits, then call them and tell them that the pre-sale was wrong and the same happens with the vacation rental, where they book and pay the stay, and when they come it turns out that the person or the address does not exist.

“These real estate frauds continue to occur, that is why we talk about the importance of having a Real Estate Law in Sinaloa because this will give buyers more certainty and apart from the fact that it will regulate the sector, this year I received as president of AMPI, around 10-12% of fraud that continued to occur, “he said.

Peraza Reyes pointed out that despite the fact that they have presented some initiatives to the State Congress, it has not been possible for them to materialize and that causes this problem to continue to be presented for several years and damages the image of the port.

He commented that achieving this law was one of his goals during his term at the head of the association, however, the Covid-19 pandemic delayed the progress made.

However, he assured that in 2021 work will continue on this initiative during the administration of the president-elect of this body in Mazatlán, Roberto Arellano, who will take office in January.

AMPI Mazatlán  Ing. Roberto Arellano

“Still in March we had some meetings with state government authorities, and with some local deputies, who were willing, however, the issue of the pandemic came up and stopped it, so there is currently no initiative that is drive in the local Congress so that Sinaloa can be the 20th state to have a Real Estate Law in the country, “he concluded.


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