Drunk driver crashes into Mazatlan tourist police


The Capta agents suffered some injuries and were transferred to receive medical attention; the occupants of the car were at the disposal of the competent authority

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Impacted on a public lighting pole and burned, a Mazatlan Tourist Police patrol ended up after being dramatically collided by a red Nissan March car, whose driver and occupant were presumably traveling at speed and in an inconvenient condition.

The intersection of Avenida del Mar and Los Deportes was the place where the collision occurred that also left the agents with minor injuries, so they had to be transferred to a clinic to be evaluated by the doctors.

Data obtained in the place, reveal that the private car was circulating on Avenida de Los Deportes and upon reaching Del Mar, the driver missed the stop and hit the police unit in his desire to avoid the blow, which he did not achieve. and it stopped with the post and then caught fire; the uncontrolled car ended up in the opposite direction, damaged from the front.

Veteran firefighters and paramedics from a private clinic were the ones who evaluated the troops, some time later the circulation was closed in both directions to preserve evidence and suffocate the fire of the unit, experts from the Prosecutor’s Office processed the place.

The people in the red car were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authority to determine the damages to the municipality, on public roads, in addition to the violations of the traffic law.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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