Mazatlan Lifeguards on beaches attentive even though the temperature drops


Regarding the rescues registered during the weekend, they only suffered fatigue when trying to leave by themselves, informed Gonzalo Magallanes Romero

Mazatlán, Sin.- Despite the fact that the weather temperatures have decreased, the presence of bathers in the beach areas is concurrent and has generated different alert situations that thanks to the reaction of the Lifeguard elements of the Ministry of Public Safety and Hotels , the rescued have only suffered fatigue when trying to get out of the sea by themselves. 

Gonzalo Magallanes Romero, emphasized that the instructions for the personnel do not undergo changes, 28 elements are distributed along the coastal strip to be aware of the bathers and provide recommendations in areas classified as risky and others that have been in the air. registered have modified internal currents, the commander reiterated that the priority is to keep the statistics of care in the place low. 

“The areas that we had in the summer with the currents from the south with more supervision, now the pier changes because we change the currents from the northwest to the south, all we do is change to reinforce the areas.” 

Magallanes Romero said that regarding the rescue of the lifeless body of a young man in the Villa Unión sieve, the call to people who are going to practice swimming in these remote places, avoid it, the distance and complicated to move takes up to an hour in Support arrives and the outcomes are unfortunate, for them as rescue bodies and society, it is better to go to crowded places with close support, if necessary.


The Mazatlan Post