Mazatlan drivers ignore area for cyclists


Some drivers also drive through the exclusive area for those who ride bicycles

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A tourist truck parked for several minutes in the exclusive zone for cyclists of the Golden Zone.

bicycle touring truck

The people who went to work on their bicycle or fulfilled their routine, had to pedal down the avenue risking their lives because the tourist buses covered the entire bike path.

It was observed that the bus driver was waiting for some people to come out of the hotel to board him, but while he was waiting for them, he hindered the circulation in the aforementioned street.

bicycle touring truck

However, the tourist bus is not the only one that interferes in the path of cyclists, public transport buses take advantage of this route to advance and arrive first at the bus stop and win the passage.

Also those who use the zone for cyclists are some motorcyclists and car drivers.


The Mazatlan Post