New Mazatlan tourist area near the lighthouse proposed


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlan businessman, Rodolfo Madero proposed that the wastewater plant of the Cerro del Crestón be removed soon, as it is a strategic place to attract more tourists.

He noted that Mazatlán could have its own Fisherman’s Wharf, a neighborhood and tourist spot of San Francisco in California.

Fisherman's wharf san francisco

“One of the projects that would help Mazatlán the most is the relocation of the treatment plant that we have in El Crestón, I think it is an area that if we make it totally touristy, it will radically change the attractiveness of Mazatlán”

“And instead of the plant to put some other attraction, I have very much in mind the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, which is a very attractive area, very emblematic of San Francisco, full of people and I think it is an area that we can recreate”, he said.

Rodolfo Madero reiterated that there are other projects that promise to trigger the development of Mazatlán, such as the cruise terminal, the creation of industrial parks, a boardwalk in the Estero del Infiernillo, the construction of tourist infrastructure near the northern beaches of the city, the new port, among others, and if it works in conjunction with the government, businessmen can contribute to improving the port.


The Mazatlan Post