Mexican celebrities attend massive wedding in Cancun: no mask or healthy distance


In the midst of the pandemic, Irina Baeva, Gabriel Soto, Roberto Palazuelos or Lorenzo Méndez were just some of the celebrities who enjoyed this weekend a spectacular wedding that was celebrated in style in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

This Friday, November 20, after a year and a half of relationship, Odalis Gómez Millar, daughter of the renowned boxing promoter Pepe Gómez, married Michel Escalle. In the videos posted by the bride and groom on Instagram, it can be seen that during the celebration, most of the guests did not wear masks for long periods of time, and the healthy distance was not respected.

As can be seen in the images, the link was carried out in a chapel where many people entered, with no separation between the chairs. After this, a great banquet was held and the attendees danced on the dance floor, where a space of one and a half meters was not respected either. Several bands entertained the night, and Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis Rivera’s ex-partner, took the colossal stage.

Although the number of guests to the event and the total capacity of the venue are unknown, social media posts show that a large crowd turned out. Among the celebrities who had fun at the party were also the American boxer Óscar de la Hoya, or the famous former Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez , who attended with his wife, Miriam Escobar.PlayIrina Baeva and Gabriel Soto were among the guests at the wedding (Instagram @irinabaeva)Lorenzo Méndez and Roberto Palazuelos also attended the link (Photo: Instagram @ lorenzomendez7)

Lorenzo Méndez and Roberto Palazuelos also attended the link (Photo: Instagram @ lorenzomendez7)

The boxer Oscar de la Hoya, with the girlfriend, Odalis Gómez (Photo: Instagram @odalisgomezmillar)

Former boxing world champion Oscar de la Hoya, with the girlfriend, Odalis Gómez (Photo: Instagram @odalisgomezmillar)

In a red satin dress, Irina Baeva also enjoyed the luxurious wedding . She was accompanied by Gabriel Soto , and the two posed for the cameras without masks, like many of the guests.

Images from the event sparked outrage on social media. Although in Quintana Roo the epidemiological traffic light is yellow, and this type of event is not illegal – since it was possible to control the contagion in the entity – the magnitude of the celebration caused the controversy to explode. And it is that in other states there is a reappearance, or it is about to return to the red light, as in Mexico City, where some of the guests reside.

In addition, previous experiences show that weddings can become an important source of the spread of Covid-19 in the country . This happened, for example, in the link that was held in Coahuila in the month of October, where 700 guests attended and 90 were infected with coronavirus. At the end of June, around 200 people attended a wedding in one of the richest municipalities in the country, San Pedro Garza, Nuevo León, and new cases of Covid-19 also emerged.

“Last weekend we experienced several weddings, one of which was very notorious due to the diffusion that took place on social networks, we have no possibility of entering homes. I have to say it, on behalf of this municipality, based on all the scientific evidence that we have collected: they are acts of irresponsibility ”; said then the mayor of San Pedro Garza, Miguel Treviño Hoyos.(Photo: Instagram @odalisgomezmillar)

(Photo: Instagram @odalisgomezmillar)(Photo: Instagram @odalisgomezmillar)

(Photo: Instagram @odalisgomezmillar)

(Photo: Instagram @michelescalle)(Photo: Instagram @michelescalle)

(Photo: Instagram @michelescalle)(Photo: Instagram @michelescalle)

More recently, in November, the head of internal medicine at the ABC Medical Center, Francisco Moreno, in Mexico City, also drew attention to the risk of holding these events during the pandemic.

“I have 70 sick patients at this time from a single wedding because, at the second tequila, all the masks fall off,” said the doctor.

According to the figures reported by the State Secretariat of Health of Quintana Roo, up to December 21, 14,037 positive cases and 1,901 deaths were counted in the entity.

In Quintana Roo there are 13,992 positive cases, 380 cases under study, 1,899 deaths. In addition, there are 322 cases under study.


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