Isla de la Piedra, Mazatlan residents to protest construction on Isla de Chivos today


New construction on one of the two springs of Chivos Island has generated disagreement among residents of that place and inhabitants of Isla de la Piedra, considering that it threatens the flora and fauna of the tourist site.

The public complaint was made through social networks since the water hole is used by migratory and resident birds, as well as reptiles and other animals that inhabit the place.

According to the testimonies of the complainants, on November 11 a group of workers came to measure and mark the space covered by the water hole, and the next day a backhoe machine was introduced to move the rocks and start the construction of a fence around it. .

Saturday, November 21, Son Playas made a tour and observed foundations and part of the fence. That same day, after sending his inspectors to verify the work, the director of Municipal Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, reported that there is no construction permit or letter of change of land use and that therefore, it should not continue.

“We are going to be vigilant so that they do not do anything there because there is no permission from us,” he said.

Hill of goats
Construction of fence and foundations around the water hole. Photo: Son Playas.

The Cerro de Los Chivos, as it is also called, is a federal zone like the breakwater that connects it to Isla de Piedra because it is land reclaimed from the sea. However, he clarified, all construction in that area requires a land use letter issued by the City Council to be able to process the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) before the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat). Once the federal agency approves the MIA, then the Municipal Planning Department grants the construction permit.

Another requirement to obtain a construction license is to present a title deed or proof of concession when it comes to federal properties.

“Neither of the two things they have right now, therefore the work is suspended,” said the official.

Estavillo Kelly said that a permit was processed a long time ago to raise the fence over the water hole, but it was refused because none of the previously mentioned requirements were met.

They build on the island of goats
Aspects of the fence that is built around the water hole. Photo: Son Playas.

The other version

The municipal commissioner of Isla de la Piedra, Víctor Aguirre, who is also secretary of the Commissariat Ejidal, mentioned that two years ago an attempt was made to build a fence over the water hole but the community prevented it; But now it was no longer possible to stop it because investors already have the favorable decision of the Manifestation of Environmental Impact by Semarnat, according to the coordinator of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) in the southern area of ​​Sinaloa. , Fernando Rodríguez.

Despite this, he mentioned that he does not have the folio of the resolution or details of the type of project that is intended to be carried out, information that will be requested directly at the local offices of the agency to verify it.

For his part, the director of Municipal Planning clarified that although it is a federal zone, the municipality is the authority empowered to grant or deny the construction license and to obtain it, it is necessary that the interested parties present proof of concession and the approval of the Environment Effect investigation.

“Although Semarnat grants them the land concession, to be able to dispose of that land they still need a construction permit from the City Council,” he said.

Given that the investors have not submitted any property title, concession, or environmental impact studies to the Planning Directorate, the work cannot continue, he insisted.

Estavillo Kelly called on the community to report to that municipal agency if they observe machinery or people working.

It should be mentioned that due to the lack of a reference page, it was not possible to find the resolution of the environmental impact statement of said work on the website of the Semarnat Ecological Gazette. However, a procedure was identified for a residential and commercial regime project that is suspended and another for the installation of a rustic floating dock, both with reference to Isla de Chivos.

They call for a march

Through social networks, people dissatisfied with the construction on the Isla de Chivos water hole have called for a demonstration to be held Tuesday, November 24 at 4:00 pm at the location

Signatures have also been collected through the AVAAZ.ORG platform to request a stop to the construction of real estate and that the hill be considered a natural area subject to protection.

On the island, there are two natural springs located at the foot of the hill, which is used by migratory and resident birds, reptiles, and other animals, including goats. Previously they formed a lagoon that with the passage of time was filled and divided.

They are also part of the natural landscape of the place that is frequented by locals and tourists for its beach and panoramic views.

Ojo de agua Isla de chivos
This is one of the two natural springs that remain on Chivos Island. Photo: SonPlayas.
Goats island
This is the other spring that still remains on Chivos Island. In total there are two. Photo: Son Playas.


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