National Guard seizes arsenal in Chiapas from alleged Sinaloa Cartel members


Two detainees and an arsenal seized were the result of the operation carried out by elements of the National Guard in Chiapas

Chiapas.- Through the fulfillment of a search warrant, members of the National Guard managed to arrest two alleged arms and drug traffickers, linked to a criminal organization in the state of Sinaloa, in Chiapas.

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In compliance with the intelligence, the squad attached to the General Directorate of Investigation allowed to locate a home on a dirt road in the vicinity of the community of San Antonio, in the municipality of Frontera Hidalgo in the state of Chiapas. .

According to what was reported by the National Guard , illegal activities were carried out at the home, such as the alleged transfer of cocaine from Guatemala to the state of Sinaloa.

After completing the search, two individuals allegedly attached to a criminal organization with a presence in Sinaloa were detained, who were seized 10 long weapons, two short weapons, 51 boxes with useful cartridges, 27 chargers and two weight scales, as well as telephones. cell phones and computer equipment.

Derived from the same investigation, the GN elements also secured eight horses, 30 fighting cocks, among other poultry, as well as vehicles and motorcycles on the property.

No description available.

After the operation, the detainees together with the seized material were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office based in Chiapas to determine responsibilities.


San Cristobal Post