Bodies of kidnapped victims found in Ajijic Lake Chapala


The operations carried out on the shores of Lake Chapala, in Jalisco, resulted in 7 people being detained and the seizure of weapons, cars, and two houses; the investigation will continue warns the State Attorney

After 21 days of investigating a home located in the community of Ajijic, municipality of Chapala, Jalisco, the State Attorney General’s Office managed to locate 5 bodies related to the forced disappearance of people and announces that the investigations will continue to specify or rule out the existence of more bodies

At least five corpses have been located in a clandestine grave that was hidden a few meters from one of the two homes searched on October 8 in the municipality of Chapala, Jalisco, the State Attorney General’s Office reported.

The announcement was made after 21 days of investigations carried out in the property located in the Ajijic community, which during the search and arrest of 7 alleged kidnappers, had already been inspected for canine combinations and the use of different technologies, initially ruling out the possibility that there would exist some point to carry out burials.

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office reported that it was last Tuesday, October 27, when the personnel of the agency restarted some investigation work in the sector, obtaining positive results on October 29, which at the end of the day concluded with the discovery of 5 bodies, however, work continues in the area.

“Derived from the investigation work carried out by the Special Prosecutor for Disappeared Persons, it was possible to locate within a farm of the Ajijic community in the municipality of Chapala, a point at which an organized crime group carried out the clandestine burial of corpses “

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office explained that the house is located on Camino al Rincón street, Villa Lucerna subdivision, was due to the work carried out in coordination by the staff of the State Prosecutor’s Office and experts from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF ). 

The agency reported that, as a result of this work, at the close of the activities carried out yesterday, it was possible to extract the corpses of 5 people, which have not yet been identified. 

Subsequently, the mortal remains were transferred to the IJCF facilities to carry out the expert reports required by law, including carrying out the autopsy required by law to determine the causes of death and start the identification of the people.

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office also clarified that the investigation work in the house located in Ajijic, municipality of Chapala , will continue during the next few days “until ruling out the presence of more bodies on the property.”

The investigation

It was last October 7 when a strong police operation made up of agents from the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, the Sedena and the National Guard alerted the residents of Chapala and Ajijic, attached communities and both located on the shores of Lake Chapala. 

Within minutes, through a press conference in which various issues were addressed, the head of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez, revealed that the operation being carried out at that time in the municipality of Chapala was part of an investigation made with the disappearance of people in the entity.

List of things insured in the two farms searched in Chapala and Ajijic.

It was until October 9 when the same prosecutor revealed the results of said operation through another press conference that he broadcast on the social networks of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office.

In it, it reported that 7 alleged criminals related to the forced disappearance of people had been arrested, who responded to the names of:

  • Ivan “N”
  • Felipe “N”
  • Christina “N”
  • Erik “N”
  • Adrian “N”
  • Manuel “N”
  • Caesar “N”

Likewise, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office revealed images of the properties, cars and weapons that were located inside the two properties searched.

Although it was initially said that no victim of kidnapping or forced disappearance was found in the place, the agents continued to carry out investigations around the two buildings, finally detecting yesterday a clandestine grave in the property searched in Ajijic, 5 being located corpses at a depth of 1.92 meters, under a perimeter fence of the building. 

After this finding, the agency has announced that the investigation work will continue in the area until the existence of more mortal remains is ruled out.


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