Mazatlan bike path stays says Mayor despite protest from a few street vendors


Mazatlan Sinaloa, Despite the protest by street vendors and fishermen from Playa Norte, on Wednesday morning, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres indicated that the bike lane remains because people will be able to see the sea and they will practice sports.

Manifestación contra la ciclovía

He acknowledged that they are against the bike lane they are making of the Monument to the Fisherman at the entrance to Olas Altas.

“We conducted a survey and 90 percent of Mazatlecos want the bike path, an internal survey, we cannot stop our objective of making Mazatlán the best tourist destination in the country if 10 or 15 merchants are affected, the majority is the one we are with working for, not the minority that refuses to help trigger Mazatlán as THE DESTINATION to go to. We can relocate them, there is no problem, and there are alternatives, but we are not going to be subject to whims, “said Mayor Benítez Torres.

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He stressed that Mazatlán would be better off with a bike path, because there will no longer be cars to block the views and allow tourists and Mazatlan to see the sea, and on that road, there will no longer be people selling, and there will be sports, which is healthy, which will benefit tourism.

And in the face of the fear that the street vendors manifested, that they will no longer let them sell on the beaches, the Municipal President explained that Mazatlán will receive the “Destination Agreement” from most of the local beaches establishments.

“Then we are going to be careful, we are going to be the one who gives or not permits to operate on the beach,” he said.


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