Mazatlan’s Carpa Olivera looks deteriorated and in abandonment


It is one of the main tourist attractions located in Olas Altas, so it should receive constant maintenance

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- It was built between 1914 and 1915 and inspired by sea ​​pools in Lisbon, as history tells it, recognized as the first social center on the beach, unique in the State and that amazed those who visited it.

La Alberca de Mar was renovated in 2004 and again in 2015, due to the fact that the power of the sea and the lack of maintenance have deteriorated it.

La Carpa Olivera

Currently, the municipal government does not have a specific department that is in charge of the conservation and rehabilitation of monuments, statues, or busts as such, but through commissions, to the Public Works and Public Services dependencies, it is how it is to keep clean and the spaces in which they are located in optimal conditions.

“Some of us have one thing and others another. If it is about keeping the area where there are monuments clean or conserving the surrounding gardening, then it will be the turn of Public Services; if it is about painting the bases or generating masonry actions where they are those monuments because it is up to the Public Works department, “ said Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, director of this agency.

He added that some monuments are a heritage of the city and their intervention is in some way regulated by rooms such as the National Institute of Anthropology and History, for example, El Fuerte 31 de Marzo, so the rehabilitation of this type of sculpture is the object of people experts.

“We cannot work directly on the figure but if on what is around it, it may be that it is us if it is a matter of sidewalk rehabilitation or something like that,” he added.

Carpa Olivera in constant deterioration looks neglected and abandoned.

Where he said that if he could carry out an intervention it is in the pool next to the sea called Carpa Olivera, a family recreation center that is in constant deterioration and that has never been intervened in any way so far during the current administration.

“That may be a structure that we could attend to, there is a very aggressive action of the sea in terms of waves and the salinity that the sea has on the concrete that is placed there that require revision with some regularity to try to solve the problem you have, “he said.

He pointed out beforehand that it would be a complicated task, but he did not rule out the possibility of carrying out a review and seeing how, in terms of management’s capabilities, to put together an intervention plan.

Although he does not know how it was built and the material used, he stressed that for any work that is planned to be built in front of the sea, salinity levels must be taken into account and the appropriate material is chosen for it and thus avoid early deterioration problems.


“There you have to place special resins so that it is not so easy for it to be affected by the waves and by the salinity characteristic of the seawater itself. To build a concrete structure facing the sea you have to take into account the salinity and That is why there are special concretes that are called resistant to sulfates if a concrete of those is not used it is easier for the concrete to be attacked and also have a coating of the action of salt specific to the reinforcing steel, what is it? What happens? The salt passes, the steel swells and the coatings rebound “, he highlighted.

La carpa Olivera muestra un rostro deteriorado

Finally, he commented that citizen collaboration is also important to keep the site in optimal conditions since he recognizes that when passing through the area he has noticed neglect in terms of garbage and unpleasant odors.


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