Tourist dies after falling from the eighth floor of a Cancun hotel


The night before, the deceased today and his partner went out to the disco area of ​​the hotel zone.

tourist died after apparently falling from the balcony of a lodging center in the hotel zone of Cancun.

According to information provided by the authorities, the events occurred around 10:20 am on Saturday, October 17, at the Dreams Sands Cancun hotel.

The head of security at the lodging center took the agents to room number 119 from where they saw the lifeless body of a man with brown complexion, in a supine position, identified as Lavaris Jackson, 27 years old.

Through a translator, the police interrogated the girlfriend of the deceased today, Dasia Burnett, 25, who said that they had arrived at the hotel since last October 16 and on the night of that same day they went out to dance in the nightclub area of ​​the Cancun hotel zone, returning to the hotel around 3 o’clock on Saturday, October 17 and fell asleep.

The young woman said that when she woke up around 8 hours, she realized that her boyfriend was not in the room. He requested help from the hotel security personnel who found the young man lying on the terrace, in the position described above.

After the discovery, personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office appeared at the scene to remove the body.


The Cancun Post