Some Mazatlan businesses unhappy about bike path


They point out that due to the lack of parking, people will stop shopping and consuming in their businesses

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Last Wednesday the paint application work began on what will be the expansion of the Del Mar Avenue bike path, from the Fisherman’s Monument to El Venadito, on the edge of Paseo Claussen and Olas Altas.

The reactions from the merchants in the area were immediate, although they are dissatisfied with the work and have no choice but to resign themselves and accept it, as they point out that there is no one who beats the authorities.

Mr. José sells handicrafts on the boardwalk, he says that by locating the bicycle lane next to the sidewalk, it will affect the economy of the merchants, since customers, having nowhere to park, will no longer want to go shopping.

“It is very bad, we are going through the pandemic with sacrifices and then with this, when do we see each other to recover? As long as there is nowhere to park people will not go down to buy. I hope they will regret it and take it away because there will be no movement, if before the cars did not fit well now less, “ he said.

The bike lane is 2.7 meters wide and has a 60-centimeter “protection barrier” between cyclists and motorists, a space that previously popular transport operators, merchants, and motorists in general used as parking.

María del Rosario, a fish seller in Playa Norte, mentions that it will severely harm them since the place where the bike lane will be located is where customers used to park.

“It affects us because here the cars stop to make us consume, people will no longer want to come for a walk because where are they going to put their car? Besides, with only one lane for circulation, it is not enough,” he mentioned.

Sergio, captain of the Muchacho Alegre, comments that they will have to find a way so that the situation does not affect them so much because there the suppliers can’t stop to unload the merchandise.

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“Well, if it hurts us a lot because the aurigueros and pulmonia drivers stop here to load and unload passengers and they are no longer letting them stop, the same with the suppliers as they are going to park to lower the merchandise, we will have to find some way so that we do not affect so much, we have no choice but to accept it, “he said.

The painting work has advanced to the height where the artisanal fishermen of Playa Norte are, but it is estimated that by the end of November the bike path will be completed

“It’s definitely going to harm us, assured Don Humberto, who sells Seafood in Pinitos Beach, but then what are we going to do? They don’t take us into consideration”


The Mazatlan Post