Esmeralda, one more case of disappearance that makes feminist groups erupt in criticism against Mexican authorities


Estado de Mexico.- Esmeralda Citlalli Mendoza Ordaz, a 16-year-old teenager, was reported missing on September 22nd, while accompanying her father at work performing circus acts on the streets of the municipality of Coacalco, State of Mexico.

According to local media, the young woman accompanied her father while she collected the voluntary cooperation of motorists, while her father performed; however, on that Tuesday night around 10 PM, Esmeralda disappeared suddenly among the thousands of vehicles that pass through Coacalco.

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The adolescent’s father began looking for her immediately, but no one saw her, not even the colleagues who work on the corner of Tultepec and Circuito Exterior Mexiquense avenues.

According to the story, the man got on his bicycle and began to travel the avenues to look for Esmeralda and also requested support from a police patrol car, who requested the security images of the C4 camera system. After that, the father was able to appreciate that the teenager went to a near-by gas station to buy diesel, and then she could be seen talking to someone in a black car.

After this, the young woman is no longer seen; the father who identified himself as Ivan, went to the Public Ministry in Coacalco and to the Special Prosecutor for Missing Persons in San Agustín, Ecatepec municipality in the State of Mexico, to report the disappearance and initiate the corresponding investigation.

However, according to Ivan’s they have denied him access to the cameras that he was initially able to see.

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Ivan assures that the authorities have told him that those videos do not exist , for which he accuses of omission and obstacles to finding his daughter because the day before, he and the policemen had seen Esmeralda speak with a person about a black car.

Three weeks after the disappearance of Esmeralda Citlalli Mendoza Ordaz , feminist groups that have approached the family accused that there is no progress in the search and the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico does not provide information to the family, for which they convened to a peaceful protest this Sunday, October 18, in Tultepec, near the place where the events occurred.

Esmeralda disappeared at a traffic light at the entrance to Tultepec, next to a patrol car and in full view of everyone. The authorities hinder his family and there is no progress in his search

With @UltraEdomex and @violeta_bruja this peaceful action was organized. See you on Sunday!
RT– Manada Periferia (@ManadaPeriferia) October 13, 2020

Feminist and Human Rights’ organizations such as Mana Periferia, the collective Ultravioleta de Coacalco, and Bruja Violeta, all collectives from Edomex are making a call to stop gender violence. And they are inviting the whole society to attend a meeting on Sunday, October 18th, with banners and markers, and all the street jugglers who want to join the intervention for Esmeralda are cordially invited.

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It should be noted that in the State of Mexico there is a Gender Violence Alert due to the disappearance of women that obliges the authorities to maintain prevention, security, justice and reparation measures; as well as contemplating lines of investigation related to other crimes such as human trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping or others.

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