Cabos San Lucas tourist corridor robberies reported


Yesterday afternoon a follower of CPS Noticias anonymously denounced a situation that turned on the red lights in the community, due to the fact that he was the victim of an express robbery by 4 individuals who robbed him of cash, the events that occurred in the Tourist Corridor heading to Cabo San Lucas, this at the height of a well-known home improvement retail company.

The affected person explains that when driving the automotive unit he was bringing and going down the Santa Carmela bridge and going to the aforementioned business, a car was coming in front of him, accelerating and braking repeatedly, which he decided to take the left lane to pass it when he felt the blow from behind by another vehicle.

He revealed that concerned about the impact, he stopped to see the damage to his vehicle, when suddenly three subjects immediately got out of the unit that was coming ahead to intimidate and threaten him.

“In front of me a vehicle was driving irregularly, it braked, accelerated, so I took the left lane to pass it, I looked at it appreciating that a white car was coming in the distance, however, when I saw my attempt to get in, it caused the impact with the car in front, so I decided to go to the edge to go down and assess the damage ”.

He explains that when leaving the side lanes it was impossible for him to get out of his truck, since suddenly a man appeared at his window, another in the passenger’s window and in the back a third person, he also said that there was another individual in the car where the subjects came and that was waiting for the others with the car on.

He indicates that the 3 subjects demanded he pay the damages, an amount that amounted to 10,000 pesos when the only thing that happened was a scratch of paint.

“They did not let me get out of the vehicle to assess the damage and when they saw that I did not bring the money that I demanded, they stripped me of everything I had and that was an amount of approximately 4 thousand pesos.”

The affected person concluded by saying that it is important that authorities responsible for monitoring the Tourist Corridor redouble their efforts to avoid these types of unsafe actions that put the population at risk.


The Cabo Post