Mazatlan plans on a permanent program for the sterilization of pets


Animal Care Center could take over the actions, says director of Ecology

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The municipal government plans to make the sterilization of pets a permanent program, through the Animal Care Center, so the budget that will be required to include it in the Annual Operational Plan is already being analyzed and the support is managed , for now working with the Veterinary Unit of the Municipal Medical Services and the sterilization program contemplated in the rescue actions for abused animals, reported the director of Ecology and Environment , Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo.

The goal for this administration is to sterilize 4,800 pets, with an annual average of 1,600 dogs and cats, which means 133 per month, only with the Municipal Medical Services program.

To this is added the work carried out by Ecología, with the support of the Mazatlán Veterinary College and rescuers associations, in which they have sterilized 54 cats and 6 dogs (3 females and 3 males, so far this year, derived from citizen complaints.

“Our sterilization program is focused more on cats, which are the complaints that come to us due to overcrowding, and of female dogs when we find them in poor condition, when there is a report of violence, but they are the least, this with the support of the School and the Association Veterinarians and rescuers associations ”, he said.

He said that it is contemplated to start in the Animal Care Center this year with the sterilization of pets rescued by abuse, but a budget for the permanent sterilization of dogs and cats will be raised in the POA, although it has not yet been decided whether it will be free or a recovery fee will be charged.

“Hiring veterinarians is the least of it, the most expensive are anesthetics and antibiotics, we want to do things well and it will depend a lot on when we do the analysis of how much is needed for that and above all ask for government support. of the state that has a budget destined for permanent sterilization ”, he pointed out.

He announced that they are already working on the construction of the Animal Care Center, so it is expected that this year it can start operations.

Regarding the actions undertaken by the Veterinary Unit of Municipal Medical Services, the program was reactivated on September 2 in the Villa Galaxia neighborhood, where 100 sterilization surgeries were performed on dogs and cats, from there it went to Pradera Dorada and this week he will be in the Francisco Villa neighborhood.

Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo, Director of Ecology and Environment. 

GOALS OF PMD 2018-2021

  • 4,800 pet sterilizations
  • 11,040 rabies vaccines
  • 11,040 tick vaccinations
  • 11,040 deworming


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