Mazatlan Noise is over! Aurigas and Pulmonias agree to lower the volume of music


They establish the guidelines at the time of providing the rental service in the port, in order to contribute to reducing the risks of contagion of COVID-19

Mazatlán, Sin.- Leaders of the public rental transport unions in Mazatlán, together with personnel from the Inspectoría de Vialidad y Transportes, agreed to strengthen health protocols when providing a service and avoid the spread of COVID-19 , but also to not use a high volume when playing music 

Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, dispatch manager of the Ministry of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic, indicated that in the meeting held at the facilities of the agency, they again established sanitary guidelines and maintain a moderate volume in the sound equipment while circulating around the city and tourist areas.

“Regarding excessive noiseagreements were reached. The public transport leaders are very happy they are in all the disposition (to comply). They were told that when they entered the Historic Center, which is Mirador, which is on Jabonerías Street, they were asked to lower the volume; they agreed, they are in full agreement to help us, not to enter those areas with excessive volume ”.

Alfaro Gaxiola clarified during the meeting where leaders of Red and Green Taxis were present, as well as aurigas and pulmonias, they received the information regarding the number of passengers who must board.

“It was said that 8 people were going to ride in the AURIGAS with the authorization of the measures and protocols, such as gel, mouth covers, and healthy distance; in pULMONIAS, no more than 4 people should walk. That is what was discussed and the excessive noise ”.

During the meeting, the transport leaders clarified their doubts about the spaces for the ascent and descent of the passage, as well as the areas in which it is not allowed to stop in order to avoid road congestion in some areas of the city, said the person in charge of the office of the Ministry of Public Security in Mazatlán.


The Mazatlan Post