Do you know where the recycling centers are in Mazatlan? Find out here


From paper and cardboard, to metal, plastic, glass, or even medicines, accumulators and even negatives or x-rays

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In Mazatlán, there are different recycling centers for those waste that citizens can generate such as garbage, pet, oil, among others, however, most people are unaware of the existence of these as well as a lack of recycling culture.

Some of the waste that is seen daily by the city and that there is no separation from it are paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass, tetrabrik, textiles, wood, vegetable oil, batteries, electronics, medicines, accumulators, and even negatives or X-rays.

Through the platform, Mazatlecos will be able to find the recycling centers closest to their neighborhood, in addition to explaining how they can use the materials. 

Some of the places they can go

-Recycling center located on Avenida Rafael Buelna (in the Soriana el Toreo parking lot) from Monday to Saturday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm What do you recycle here ?:

-Paper: Books, sheets, notebooks, magazines, newspaper and purchase tickets.

-Corrugated cardboard.

-Plastic bottles: PET ♺1, HDPE ♺2 and PP ♺5 (as from Electrolit)

-Metal: Aluminum and tin cans.

Recycling center located at Avenida de Los Andes 712, Fraccionamiento Alameda (in front of the Colegio Andes football field). It has containers that are in an external warehouse, open 24 hours a day, located behind the entrance of the ambulances at the end of the field. What do they recycle here?

-Glass: Separate bottles and jars in transparent and dark colored glass.

-Recycling center located in Veterinaria Animalia: Avenida Santa Rosa 3214-B, Burócratas neighborhood (between Cuauhtémoc and Narciso Mendoza streets), they have home delivery at no cost, however it is important to make an appointment at 669-920-6047 . What do they recycle here?

-Paper: Books, sheets, notebooks, notebooks, magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogs.

-Cardboard: Corrugated and caple.

-Plastic: PET ♺1, HDPE ♺2, PP ♺5 bottles (such as Electrolit®) and caps.

-Metal: Aluminum and tin cans

-Tetrabrik: Multilayer packaging (as from Tetra Pak)

-Recycling center located in Galerias Mazatlán, in the H&M store Av. Del Delfín 64, Fraccionamiento La Marina, Monday through Sunday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. The textiles you deliver in the box are not valid for a coupon valid for the 15% discount. What do they recycle here?

-Textiles: It can be any garment, of any brand and in any condition, even loose socks, torn shirts or old sheets.

-Recycling center located in the central offices of JUMAPAM located on Avenida Emilio Barragán and Avenida Gabriel Leyva S / N Colonia Centro or at the Rebombeo Juárez Offices located on Avenida Enrique Pérez Arce and Avenida Gabriel Leyva, on one side of the Third Region Military. What is recycled here

-Used vegetable oil: It should be collected in plastic bottles with a lid (preferably reused).


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