After the federal government decided to create a tourist route in Michoacán based on the places that the animated film Coco shows in its history, tourism in the MoreliaPátzcuaro, and Uruapan region increased by 90%.

Crean ruta de lugares de la película Coco e incrementa el turismo en  Michoacán | Reporte Indigo

The president of the Association of Hotels and Motels of the State of MichoacánJuan Manuel Abud Mirabent, explained that reservations began to increase after the sensation that Coco caused.

Encontraron en Michoacán a la verdadera abuelita Coco, de la película de  Pixar - Infobae

He clarified that the increase in reservations is higher than in 2019 by 30%, and specified that last year only half of the reserved rooms were reached.

Just three weeks away from the traditional Night of the Dead, the animated film’s route will travel through different parts of Michoacán, including Santa Fe de la Laguna and Paracho.

Estado de Michoacán - Guía de México | Turismo e información

The increase in tourism also increased due to the fifth edition of the Magic Towns Fair, as well as the Morelia Film Festival and the arrival of the Monarch Butterfly.

The Rosario monarch sanctuary in Michoacán.

Abud Mirabent trusts that Michoacán will become one of the strongest areas in terms of national tourism with the support of the government and culture.

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