With 100 pesos can you prepare a pozole? In Mazatlan, you can (video)


The basic ingredients are corn kernel, backbone, head or pork rib or, failing that, chicken, chips, and some good guests

With 100 pesos you can prepare a pozole?  In Mazatlán you can

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Without a doubt, ‘El pozole’ is one of the most typical dishes that Mexicans taste on these national days, in order to get together with family and friends to commemorate the Independence of Mexico, but How much does it cost in Mazatlán to make this Mexican dish?

This food is made from cooked corn grain, pork, or chicken, depending on the flavor that the family likes the most, in addition to the seasonings that give the exact sasón to the palate such as black, red, or guajillo chili, garlic, oregano, pepper, among others.


In a survey carried out by Reacción Informativa by the Miguel Hidalgo market in the Benito Juárez neighborhood, it was found that making a pozole to taste on the night of this September 15, costs around 100 pesos for a number of four people.

Taking into account that the kilo of spinazo or pork rib is between 45 and 50 pesos, or if you want to make it from chicken, the kilo also oscillates around 45 pesos, while the price of a kilo of nixtamal does not exceed 15 pesos.


In addition, add around 20 pesos for tostadas or chips, which are the products that accompany this type of Mexican dishes.

On this list, we would also have to add the costs of lettuce, radishes, cucumber, or whatever vegetables you want to accompany.


According to merchants consulted in said supply center, this year sales for this dish did not skyrocket as on other occasions, in addition to the fact that the price of the products for the preparation of said dish was exaggerated.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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