The anti-rabies campaign will be reactivated in Mazatlan


There are 18 thousand doses applied out of an annual goal of 44 thousand

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The head of the Department of Vectors and Zoonoses of Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 6, Víctor Arredondo Rojas, reported that this week the application of rabies vaccines will be reactivated in Mazatlán and the next week he will join with actions to the national campaign in which the importance of canine and feline vaccination will be promoted.

He said that to date 18 thousand doses have been applied in the region, taking into account those that were brought in from the 2019 program, and that an annual goal of 44 thousand doses is expected to be met.

He commented that given the recent record of cases of rabies in wild animals in some rural communities in the southern part of the state, the vaccination program was extended in towns such as Estación Dimas, Limón de Los Peraza, San Marcos, and also in La Noria.

” There have been risk problems in these areas, not cases of rabies in people, but in wild animals, that is why we worked in Dimas and Limón de los Peraza Station, there is a mine where there are bats that are hosts of the virus of rabies, they also work in San Marcos and La Noria ”, he expressed.

Arredondo Rojas indicated that the National Canine and Feline Vaccination Campaign that was scheduled for March 23 of this year was suspended due to the coronavirus health emergency, but actions will be taken from the third week of this month.

It should be noted that the anti-rabies program of the health sector consists of two campaigns, one between March and April, and a reinforcement, between September and October; however, this year there will be only one campaign.

In addition to these actions, the federal government has a permanent rabies vaccination program in all health centers.

He pointed out that in Mazatlán the shares have been maintained with 100 percent coverage, which has favored so that no case is registered.

After the opening of the activities, he said that Vectors began the canine and feline rabies vaccination a month ago in the mountain area and localities where cases of wild animals have occurred, and from this week it will be reactivated in Mazatlan.

The last neighborhood where the vaccination campaign brigades were, he added, was Villa Galaxia.

Next week it will be reactivated again in Mazatlán, we go out to the towns, but we return to the port.

Arredondo Rojas

Health brigades went to Dimas Station to apply rabies vaccines to canines and felines. Photo: Courtesy | Vectors and Zoonoses of the Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 6.


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