New Mazatlan bicycle path faces challenges


The road circuit for cyclists in the main avenues of Mazatlán, such as the Malecón, presents good options, however, in other streets, such as Camarón Sábalo ave, it seems that it faces some technical difficulties in the operation, but especially for the coexistence between motorists and cyclists as there is no clear culture of mutual respect in the drivers of the respective units.

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Malecon bike path

Also conflicts because on both sides of the avenue the green-blue stripes painted on the floor will serve to prevent vehicles from parking unless they are violated. They will remove parking spaces and there are not many public parking lots in the tourist area.

There is even no certainty because no one reports or is in front of the bike lane that began to be painted (which is not to be built) on the floor of Camarón Sábalo avenue in the left section of the aforementioned street and from south to north, which It was started, but the work has been stopped for more than a month.

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The state government rehabilitated the entire avenue with hydraulic cement, from the Valentinos to the Pueblo Bonito and El Faro Hotels, but the bike lane was not contemplated in the original project and the reconstruction works ate up parking spaces of some businesses, as in the Hotel Emporio.

The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez, has said that the bike path is moving forward, while the director of Public Works, Juan de Dios Garay, warns of increased risks of road accidents with cyclists, because motorists will have to live together and “give ”A lane for the units to circulate on two wheels.

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Rafael Buelna ave bike path

Therein lies the problem because there is no culture of respect for cyclists and even less for urban truck drivers who have no respect for anyone and often cause accidents.


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