Mazatlan vacation rentals operate without covid health protocols


The president of Ampi Mazatlán assured that although they are not certain of contagions, health regulation is urgent to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- It is urgent that vacation rental in condominiums be done within a health regulation system, admitted the president of the Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mazatlán, Luis Enrique Peraza Reyes.

He commented that visitors do not respect the protocols imposed by administrators, which may represent a red flag for Covid-19 contagion.

He did not rule out that some outbreaks have occurred in some of those places, because during the summer and on weekends many of them receive tourists from different destinations in the country.

“Unfortunately, in the condominium regimes there is nothing of care, I have had to see the little care that is taken and that is implemented according to the good knowledge of the administrator, the good participation of the vigilance committee. And when you go to act, people get upset, “he said.

Peraza Reyes estimated that there are about 9 thousand rooms available in condominiums in Mazatlán, of which approximately 70% is destined for rent in the holiday seasons.

He commented that in the absence of health regulation, they request the state government to be included in the distinctive Protocol for Business Care and Health (PASE).

“We ask condominium administrators to follow the protocols, we are very closely with the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection, we are seeing that the PASE can also be applied in condominiums, so that there is a regulation, because it does not exist”, he concluded .

In the recent summer, in Mazatlán the demand for vacation rental reservations increased by 45%, without there being a health badge endorsed by the authorities.


The Mazatlan Post