40 feminists arrested while protesting in Chihuahua


Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua (September 6th, 2020) Around 40 women who were protesting in the downtown area of ​​Ciudad Juárez against crimes of gender along with people from the LGTB community were detained by agents of the Municipal Police.

The group Hijas de su Maquilera Madre reported in their social networks that “There was police repression in the demonstration that took place in the downtown area of ​​Ciudad Juárez, they took cell phones and cut the live broadcasts that some colleagues were making.”

The protest began around 6:00 p.m. local time and the call was sent through the social network Facebook by the group Hijas de su Maquilera Madre.

They initially explained that “the municipal police are repressing more than 10 women who were demonstrating today in the city center, detained them and took them to the University Station.”

The women protested peacefully but were repressed by the police, they denounce. Photo:@maybeautymxFacebookTwitterMailWhatsAppPinterestShake meLinkedInPlus…8.7K

Later they asked for support and reported that they want to criminalize them when they are just making use of their legitimate right to protest, so they ask for help to get their comrades out.

In a recording that one of the protesters uploaded to the social network Facebook as they marched through the pedestrian zone of Avenida 16 de Septiembre and then through Avenida Juárez, the group of women is seen, many of them with their faces covered, demanding justice for murdered women and to put an end to gender violence.

During the protest they stated that “The police take care of monuments, statues, and walls, but they do not care for me, they rape me,” said the protesters, who are protesting against attacks on women, against femicides.

Protesters spray painted walls and monuments on the corner of Avenida 16 de Septiembre and Francisco Villa.

In another message through networks, they wrote “If I, Reneé Moreno, Paola Jacobo or Monserrat Jacobo do not appear today and any other “morra” who was in the march today, we blame directly the police… we are currently hidden by the Oxxo on Calle Mejía and we were directly threatened by a police officer, it’s on video ”, says the text that one of the protesters uploaded to Facebook, after the intervention of the municipal police.

However, according to what was narrated by Moreno’s relatives, the three young women managed to escape from the police and hid, some in stores and others among the vehicles that were in line on Juárez Avenue heading to El Paso, Texas, as many protesters did, so that they would not be arrested, although the agents were looking for them.

Municipal Police spokesman Arturo Sandoval Figón, said that there was no official version, that a statement on these events would be released later.

In the same social networks, family members and activists denounced that 40 women are detained by the police.

According to the group Hijas de su Maquilera Madre, municipal police officers repressed them, took their cell phones, and cut off their Facebook broadcast. In addition, it was reported that the detained activists are being held incommunicado.

Source: La Jornada

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