Mazatlan Sport fishing demand continues


The arrival of visitors, mainly from the Northern Economic Corridor, allows three trips per week

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Despite the fact that the summer vacation season is over, the demand for yacht charters in Mazatlán’s sports fleet remains current, assured the tour operator Manuel Valdez.

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He stressed that the connection of the port with the neighboring state of Durango has allowed to maintain the flow of tourists in recent weekends.

We are going out two or three times a week, with that we manage to pay for services, during the week it slowed down, but every weekend it picks up a little


Despite Covid-19, tourism arrives at the port

He commented that there are two factors that have allowed them to continue operating, despite the health contingency due to Covid-19, one is the connection of the superhighway to Durango and the other, the weather conditions, which have been beneficial for the port.

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People have not stopped coming since the road was opened, without a doubt, the tourism sector has brought us great benefits, many people arrive on the weekend


Although there is already a decrease in the demand for services compared to the holiday season, the providers of these services trust the arrival of visitors in the coming weekends.


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