Lion cub rides around Mazatlan in a sports car


If the Government of Mazatlán sees the lion ‘riding around’, they cannot seize it because they have no faculties to do so”: Ecology

“Many of the wild animals that we see on social networks are acquired in VIP pet shops or with veterinarians, with permission, this is regulated by Profepa”, says Lourdes San Juan.

“Municipal Ecology is not the body responsible for investigating whether the lion cub that has been seen walking along the boardwalk was legally acquired or not, but it can receive the complaint and refer it to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection”, continued Lourdes San Juan Gallant.

The director of Municipal Ecology pointed out that, in any case, if there is a complaint, Profepa must locate who owns the cub, and whether or not they acquired it legally.

The official said that the Municipal Ecology Secretariat cannot confiscate wild fauna, but they can receive the complaint and refer it to the corresponding federal agency.

San Juan said that in case the owner of the lion cub is located, and it is shown that he did not acquire it legally, then Profepa could take the animal to a Zoo, where specialists can take care of him.

Profepa has an agreement for the protection of wild animals that it seizes with the Mazatlán Aquarium, where the animals can stay, while they return them to their natural habitat or another animal sanctuary.

Source: Noroeste

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