Agricultural producers propose solution to water conflict in Chihuahua


Chihuahua.- Agricultural producers and the State Governor announced a proposal to end the conflict over the extraction of water from Chihuahuan dams and announced that, if they do not have a prompt response from the Federal Government, they will be planted in the National Palace until they are attended to. by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador .

In a joint press conference between the presidents of the different irrigation modules of the central-south zone of the entity and the governor Javier Corral, it was reported that, for the only time, the extraction of 100 million cubic meters of water from the dam Virgin to comply with the Water Treaty with the United States.

Presa Las Vírgenes, Chihuahua (Archive)

“We are never going to risk Mexico to a conflict with the United States but they cannot ask us for more than we can give, we hope that this approach will be understood because if we do not have an echo, we will go to Mexico City and we will ask the President of the Republic to receive us and there we are going to be outside the National Palace until he receives us because what we signed today is a very great effort, ”said Javier Corral.

The president explained that the proposal agreed with the producers is rational, responsible and responds to collaborating in the fulfillment of an international obligation of Mexico, however, he stressed that it is important that the fulfillment of that commitment is attached to the possibilities of Chihuahua , whenever times of drought are coming.

Presa El Granero about to collapse (Photo: Ipacto Noticias)

The producers highlighted that, so far, around 60 million cubic meters have been extracted from the Las Vírgenes dam, so that only 40 more will be allowed, in addition to the fact that, under no circumstances, will the extraction of the La Dams be allowed. Boquilla and El Granero, in addition to the fact that the real-time measurement of the extraction volumes of the three dams should be transparent.

In addition to this, those involved in the negotiation called for the suspension of radical and violent protests that violate the rights of citizens and detailed that within the radical groups, people who do not belong to the farmers’ groups have been detected and who even do not They are from the state of Chihuahua.

“There are people involved who have nothing to do with it, people even from Chiapas, who brought those people to Chihuahua, why did they bring them and what do they want to provoke?” Corral Jurado questioned, stating that these people intend to generate a state of violence .

Presa La Boquilla, Camargo, Chihuahua (Archive)

The conflict over the extraction of water in the state has been going on for around six months and, given the refusal of the National Water Commission (Conagua) to withdraw the National Guard, violent acts have been unleashed with damage to state and federal patrimony.

Source: El Universal