Lower arrival of turtles anticipated in Mazatlan


Although arrivals increase in August, it will be difficult to exceed the goal, says Aquarium director

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Due to the rains that have not been constant, but intermittent this year, the high season for the arrival of the sea ​​turtle is expected to be low , like last year, in which it is expected to rescue between 600 and 800 nests, and release around 72 thousand hatchlings, through the Turtle Conservation Program carried out by the Mazatlán Aquarium.

“The season looks low, we depend a lot on the rains, if it improves or not, the rains have been very intermittent, in July they entered, but they did not spawn because there was no humidity, but in August the banquets are increasing a lot.”

The director of the Aquarium, Pablo Rojas Zepeda, reported that in August the number of nests rescued increased, between 4 and 12 a day, with an average of 95 eggs for each one. So far this month, there are 211 rescued nests, 19,900 hatched eggs and 150 hatchlings released in various areas.

He said that the goal for this year is to rescue a thousand nests, however, according to the progress of the program, it is estimated that it will be between 600 and 800 nests; As of August 24, there were 360 ​​rescued nests, 26,843 incubated eggs and 1,061 hatchlings released in the port.

“The month of August started a bit lazy, but the arrival of turtles has already improved a lot, it has become very well, there are up to 10 annexes, with a maximum of 12 to 14 nests per day, so far this year we have Past 200, in July we had 1, 2 or 3, but already in August it started from 4, 5 and even 8, with maximums of 12 and 14, and for each nest there is an average of 95 eggs. “

Regarding the goal, Rojas Zepeda indicated that the plan was to rescue a thousand nests in the year, but due to the low season of banquettes, this could only be achieved between 60 and 80%.

“I think we are going to be lower again than last year, because we only have three good months left and right now we have around 200 something, so we are going to be below a thousand, we are going to be between 600 and A maximum of 800 nests per year, would be some 72 thousand hatchlings released more or less in the city, “he concluded.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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