Sinaloas Santa María dam, about to restart construction


The regional director of the Conagua OCPN, Luis Montalvo Espinoza, confided that the works on the curtain will soon resume

Sinaloa. – The new regional director of the North Pacific Basin of Conagua, Luis Montalvo Espinoza, promised to complete the pending hydraulic projects such as the Santa María Dam, the Juárez drain in Los Mochis and the conclusion of the Bacurimí drain lining project, in Culiacán.  

He specified that in the case of the Santa María dam, in which an investment of 4 billion pesos is contemplated, there is a legal problem that is in charge of the State Government, where a new appraisal is awaited by the Institute of Administration and Appraisal of National Assets, to finish paying compensation to a group of community members who sued.  

“And we have the necessary conditions, the residence, the resources, to give continuity to the activities of that important structure for the south of Sinaloa.” 

Could work be restarted this year?  

“It is the challenge and I believe that we are going to achieve it,” he confided.  

He specified that Conagua’s central offices are conducting negotiations with the ICA company, which, despite presenting financial problems, has already guaranteed the conclusion of this project, although for this it has to subcontract other companies that carry out the work. 

  However, these have to comply with the quality conditions of the structure and that the company that executes the work has the approval of Conagua, in addition, it is considered that adjustments be made to the project so that the structure is very safe, which will be carried out by the technical area of ​​the National Water Commission, specified the regional director of the agency.  


The Mazatlan Post