RZR-type vehicle collides heads on against palm tree in the Golden Zone


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (August 22, 2020).- An RZR-type vehicle collided at high speed with a palm tree in the middle of Mazatlan’s Golden Zone; the driver upon receiving first aid required medical attention.

The car accident was registered just minutes before midnight on Saturday, August 22, at the intersection of Gaviotas and Camarón-Sábalo avenues.

Through an emergency call, the rescuers learned of the road accident that involved a red and blue RZR and whose driver had resulted injured, with bruises on different parts of his body.

The speed at which the vehicle was driven, apparently caused its driver to lose control of the steering wheel and ended up colliding head-on against a palm tree right in front of the Señor Frog’s restaurant.

After the impact, Municipal Police officers arrived at the scene, cordoned off the area and started directing traffic, which was pretty chaotic at that point.

Mazatlan Police personnel requested the vehicle to be transferred to a car detention facility and be placed under the custody of the Municipal authorities while responsibilities were defined.

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