Mazatlan merchants regret that the Camaron Sabalo ave bike path will remove parking


Business owners in the area assure that the government did not socialize the project

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Merchants in the Golden Zone complained about theshared bike path on Camarón Sábalo avenue, because it will take away some parking spaces for their businesses.

They assured that the road for cyclists was not socialized and will affect businesses in that area, since customers will not have where to park their vehicles.

“They never asked us and they will affect us because people where they are going to park, that will cause customers to no longer arrive,” said the owner of a clothing store.

Workers of a taco shop commented that this week police elements began to remove the vehicles of diners who were parked outside their business.

“Many customers come and are already complaining that where they are going to park, in this area there are no public parking lots, the worst thing is that no one has given any explanation,” they said .

They added that with the remodeling of the avenue the builders blocked their parking spaces because they decided to make that pedestrian section and that now it is more complicated for any client to arrive.

The remodeling of Camarón Sábalo avenue includes the replacement of concrete, sidewalks, public lighting, and the incorporation of a four-kilometer bike lane.

The works began to be carried out in April and will be carried out from the old El Faro hotel to the Valentino, with an investment of around 200 million pesos.


The Mazatlan Post