Mazatlán.- The Government of Mazatlán through the Mayor’s Office, Secretariat of Public Security and Civil Protection, carried out on Wednesday night, an inspection operation in bars, restaurants and nightclubs, in order to carry out a new verification to the protocols that establishments must comply with, within the framework of the New Normal.

This was explained by Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, head of PC, who together with Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, dispatch manager of the SSPyTM, and Jesús Jackes from the Sub-Directorate of Commerce, led the tour with which they spoke with managers and managers of establishments located in the Golden Zone and La Marina, who recognized that the most difficult thing in these first weeks of reopening, has been to enforce the healthy distance by customers when waiting for their turn to enter, as well as once they found inside.

“This joint operation is headed by the Subdirectorate of Commerce of the Mayor’s Office, the Secretariat of Public Security and the Municipal Civil Protection Coordination participate. The objective of this is to verify and verify that they are complying to the letter with the health guidelines and protocols. Part of it is trying to control the outside, keeping a healthy distance between diners or between customers4 who are waiting to enter. The commitment is that they will be given support when necessary and their commitment is to abide by all the recommendations. It is the instruction that we have from the municipal president, Chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, that we have the ability to supervise and make the corresponding suggestions when necessary ”, he mentioned at the end of the operation.

Ruiz Gastélum reiterated that this type of action is permanent, to minimize the possible risks of coronavirus infections.


The Mazatlan Post