Sales increase up to 60% at the Isla de la Piedra Embarcadero


It represents 20% more than the same period during the month of July.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (August 15, 2020).- Tenants of the Isla de la Piedra pier seafood market have reached 60% sales so far this month of August, which represents a 20% increase compared to July.

The treasurer of the Union of Tenants, Ernesto González Camberos, said that this rebound is due to the fact that, little by little, people have been recovering economically and go more frequently to shop for fresh fish and other types of seafood.

However, 60% represents a lot in the midst of the current situation, and several businesses in the gastronomic sector have not been able to return to work.

González Camberos indicated that shoppers can also find shark, manta ray, and crab, as on August 1 the ban on these species was lifted.

Source: OEM

The Mazatlan Post