800 businesses at risk in Mazatlán


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (August 14, 2020).- “Despite the fact that most of the businesses in Mazatlan are already in operation, many have not been able to open again, and there are around 800 businesses that are at risk of closing permanently”, revealed Óscar Tirado Bernal.

The counselor of the Mazatlán Chamber of Commerce stated that of 13 thousand affiliated businesses, the majority have implemented actions and strategies for economic recovery. However, it has been very difficult to get ahead; since sales are very low.

The numbers are very worrying because if they fail to cover their minimum expenses they could be facing the decision to close their doors and if these 800 businesses closed down, at least two thousand jobs would be lost.

Tirado Bernal pointed out that the authorities of the three levels of government should support and strengthen the productive sector that is in difficulties to recover and maintain sources of employment in the city.

He reiterated that the support has been null, since there have been no economic resources, no consideration to be able to be established in these tough months that commercial activity has gone through.

He calls on business owners to analyze their finances and value the purchase of merchandise, as even lower sales are approaching once the summer vacation period ends and fewer tourists will be around the port.

Source: OEM

The Mazatlan Post