Heavy rains in Oaxaca and Colima causes floods


Oaxaca and Colima. Heavy rains were recorded this afternoon in these states, which caused flooding in different municipalities.

On the coast of Oaxaca, derived from a low-pressure area, they generated floods in the municipality of Villa de Tututepec, for which the authorities of the State Coordination of Civil Protection of Oaxaca (Cepco) activated an immediate response protocol.

The water affected various homes both in the municipal seat of Tututepec as well as in the Emiliano Zapata, Valle Verde, El Corozal, Vicente Guerrero, Villa Flores and El Mirador colonies belonging to the Río Grande agency; and where personnel from the State Police and Civil Protection are providing support to the locals.

Antonio Amaro Cancino, head of Cepco, commented that the rains generated by the Low-Pressure zone that is located south of the Oaxaca coast with a 40 percent probability of cyclonic development within 48 hours, and that caused floods mainly in the town of Tututepec, Oaxaca.

In coordination with the municipal president Javier Juárez Hernández, the activation of the Plan-DN-III was requested, and considering the health measures for the Covid-19, the necessary shelters will be established under the protocols provided for this.

Rainfall will continue in the area for the next few hours, because this hydrometeorological phenomenon moves to the west-northeast, with maximum winds of 20 kilometers and gusts of 30 kilometers per hour, located 260 kilometers southeast of Puerto Ángel, which that will cause an increase in the potential for rainfall, he mentioned.

Diario de Colima

Hurricane Elida damage in Colima

The heavy rains that occurred on Tuesday afternoons, associated with Hurricane Elida, caused flooding in homes and avenues; falling trees and power outages, as well as damage to some buildings, mainly in the metropolitan area of ​​Colima capital and the municipality of Villa de Álvarez.

The State Directorate of Civil Protection reported that one of the most affected roads was Venustiano Carranza avenue where the collapse of a tree and the current dragged several vehicles that were parked; In addition, the torrent of water also flooded the Avenida Tecnológico, one of the busiest in the north of the city.

Lluvias provocan destrozos en Colima

In Villa de Álvarez there were also floods in houses and in the Miguel de la Madrid Boulevard, where the municipal authorities closed the passage due to the accumulation of stones, water and mud.

The roads of the Masters were also affected because the Colima river overflowed and flooded shops and houses; it also left several cars stranded because the tributary exceeded one meter in height.

Choques, inundaciones y árboles caídos, saldo de lluvia en Colima ...

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