Fishermen block access to Pemex plant in Mazatlan


The fishermen are demanding that the problem of high marine diesel costs be solved so that they can work during the next season.

Fishermen and freezer plant workers blocked access to the Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) plant in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, this morning in demand that the problem of the high cost of marine diesel be resolved so that the boats go out to fish the next season and more than 5 thousand sea workers do not lose their jobs.

From 10:00 am, the group of protesters took up positions at the entrances to the plant, preventing the entry and exit of pipes into the place.

A group of protesters made up of Mauro Castro Quintero, Agustín Gonzalez, Gerardo López, Norberto Montoya, Ivan Emilio Inzunza, moved to the Conapesca facilities, where they were received by Jorge Díaz Simental, Technical secretary of the head of Conapesca, Raúl Elenes Angulo, and Bernardino Jesús Muñoz Resendiz, General Director of Planning, Programming and Evaluation, because the head of Conapesca is out of town.

Meanwhile, the fishermen and women of shrimp freezing plants keep the plant outside the Pemex plant, where some tents were installed, they put some pots to prepare food while they remain in that place.


The Mazatlan Post