August ‘starts’ with violence in Mazatlan


The bloody events occurred in different parts of the city, from August 1 to 9

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (Reacción Informativa) .- The month of August “started” with different violent events in the city of Mazatlán, leaving several people dead and injured.

One of the events occurred in the Montuosa neighborhood, where unknown subjects fired at two people who were outside a beer outlet at the place, one dead and one injured, the violent attack that occurred early Sunday morning.

Another violent event that occurred in the city was last Thursday, when two armed men pointed a minor in the head, this to ask for money from the sale of the day in a creamery.

On Mars, a neighbor of the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood was shot and taken to a hospital.

During the week a ‘macabre’ discovery also occurred, this was on Monday night, north of the city, where two people were reported hanging from an antenna.

The events occurred on the roof of a business, in a plaza located on the Mexico 15 International Highway, almost in front of the ISSSTE clinic.

On July 25, Federico Rivas Valdéz resigned from the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Traffic in Mazatlán. In his place was Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola.


The Mazatlan Post