Mazatlán Airport activity plummets by 55.7% in July


The decline so far this year in the Mazatlan airport is 41.6 percent, according to the report by OMA Group.

Mazatlán registered a drop in air transport service users of 55.7 percent in July 2020, compared to the same month of 2019, and accumulates a drop of 41.6 percent compared to the period January-July 2019, according to the Group’s monthly report. Centro Norte Airport SAB de C.V: OMA Airports.

The company reported a drop of 72.7 percent on average, in the 13 airports it manages, during July, and 54.5 percent in the accumulated so far in 2020, compared to 2019.

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In its report, the company argued that the drop in the number of passengers is mainly the result of the measures implemented by the health emergency caused by the Covid-19, both in Mexico and in the main international destinations of OMA airports, as well as the significant reduction in the offer of seats by the airlines that operate the airports and the lower demand for travel.

According to the report, in July 2019, at the Rafael Buelna Tenorio Airport, in Mazatlán, there were 90,149 users, while in July 2020 there were only 39,969. From January to July 2019, there were 676,166 passengers, while in the same period of 2020 there were 394 thousand 978.

According to the classification made by OMA Airports, of the passengers who used the service during July 2019, 77 thousand 093 were nationals, but the number in 2020 dropped to 36 thousand 550, 52.6 percent; in comparison to the period from January to July, in 2019 there were 465,899, against 258,944 in 2020, 44.4 percent less.

Mazatlan Airport (Archive)

As for international users, in July 2020 there was a drastic drop of 74 percent, going from 13,648 to 3,418 in 2020. While in the accumulated from January to July, it went from 210,267 from 2019, to 136 thousand 035, 32.3 percent less.

Finally, the record from July 1 when tourism was reactivated until July 31, comes up to 76 thousand 867 tourists, which corresponds to 33 percent, during the week, and 42 percent on weekends.

Source: Noroeste

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