19 people have died in traffic accidents so far this year in Mazatlan


Motorcyclists top the lethal list of road mishaps in the municipality.

“In the seven months and six days so far this year, 19 people have died from traffic accidents in Mazatlán, mainly motorcyclists,” said the coordinator of Road Education, Roberto Jaime Rodríguez.

“So far this year, 19 dead have been registered in traffic accidents here in Mazatlán from different participations, we have motorcyclists who have died five, who are the ones who have most starred in accidents in these months,” added Jaime Rodríguez in interview.

“Compared to other years, of 52 deaths throughout the year (in all of 2019) it is a low figure, but the loss of a life is always regrettable and here in Mazatlán we have 19, which is a low figure because there are to understand that many people stopped coexisting at parties, drinking alcohol due to the pandemic stage (of the Covid-19) and the traffic that fell in the city for several weeks. “

He added that said situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic caused people not to walk incurring penalties when driving a vehicle, however, there have been accidents that have sometimes been generated by driver errors, the case of a mechanical failure and the fall of a passenger from a motorcycle.

Those kinds of accidents sometimes happen and cause human loss of life, he continued.

He also announced that the fact that the children have finished the school year at home and are now on vacation, made the traffic clearer because, in recent months, there were no face-to-face classes, there were no “rush hours” in road traffic. .

The coordinator of Road Education in Mazatlán stressed that the traffic rules are in force 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and it is important to respect them, wear a safety belt, a protective helmet for motorcyclists, respect speed limits.

Source: Noroeste

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