Celebration of National Holidays and Carnival at risk says Mazatlan Mayor

Due to the pandemic, the organization of the National Holidays and Carnival are in “three and two, as in baseball, about to strike out or walk,” warned Mazatlan Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

He said that the possible cancellation of the National Holidays and the Carnival imply cultural and economic impacts, since they are the great festivals of the Mazatlecos.

“But hey, we live in different, new, unprecedented times and we have to adapt to these new realities … if the level of contagion drops, there would be possibilities.”

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And about Carnival, Mayor Benítez Torres stressed that they are not sure that there will be these parties.

“As long as the pandemic is not controlled and goes to a green light, we cannot assure anything, but we are working to be prepared in case it is necessary to do so.”


He added that they are willing to postpone it if required.
He rejected that the floats be made for the time being.

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