Mazatlan dance academies demand reopening


Instructors and teachers complain that the local authorities classify them as gyms and not as academies, and that’s why they don’t allow them to reopen.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (June 30, 2020) .- A group of students, instructors, and teachers from different dance academies went to the Municipal Palace to demand mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to let them reopen since they are classified as gyms and not as academies.

They said that they requested several times before the Officials Office the endorsement for its reopening since other academies are already operating, they even delivered security protocols with specific times between classes to disinfect the spaces and reduce the risks of contagion, but they have not been given answer.

He said that although protocols have already been delivered, they have not been given the go-ahead, while bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels and beaches are already open, and in many places, the healthy distance is not kept and preventive measures are not followed.

In the Official Office, they were asked to go to Civil Protection to take a protocol course that costs around 3 thousand pesos, when it is the same course that is offered free of charge via the Internet, on the official pages of the federal government and IMSS.

Source: OEM

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