Mazatlan’s historic center leads in cities COVID infections


* No one has warned them that there are many infections in that area

* 59 confirmed cases and 57 suspects

Yesterday the Sinaloa Health Secretariat released the list of the top 10 colonies with the most infections in Mazatlán.

Colonia Centro appears in the first position with 59 confirmed cases and 57 suspected cases of Covid-19, thus giving a total of 116.

Calles del Centro Histórico, Mazatlán, Sinaloa. | Vista noct… | Flickr

In a survey conducted by Sinaloa Online, it was revealed that residents of Colonia Centro do not know that they are at the top of the list.

“I really did not know, I was not aware that the center was the colony with the most coronavirus contacts”, I was not aware because I do not see local news I see national news and if I did not know “, I did not know that the center was the first “place if I knew that Sinaloa has many contacts because we see the social networks and the news but exactly what the center was number one, well no,” they said.

Even without knowing this valuable information, they agreed to continue protecting themselves against the disease.

“What we have left is to take care of ourselves because there is a lot of illness; When I’m going to go out, if I put on my face mask right now, I’m at home and I don’t use it, but if I’m going to go out I protect myself ”, there is no other option but to take care of them, that’s what we have to do


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