Non-biodegradable bags and straws are prohibited; grace period ends in Sinaloa


There will be a ‘grace’ period, so that businesses already eliminate plastics that are not biodegradable

Culiacán Sinaloa.- When the reform that prohibits the distribution and commercialization of plastic bags for the transfer of non-biodegradable merchandise and straws enters into force today, the Ministry of Sustainable Development began the surveillance and inspection of companies that market, distribute and use these materials.

Carlos Gandarilla García, head of Sedesu, explained that in the next 3 months, economic fines will not be applied to commercial establishments that do not comply with these provisions, since in the Covid-19 pandemic a large number of businesses still have these inventories in their inventories. products.

He added that the visits he makes are intended to guide and exhort businessmen and restaurateurs on the reforms to the Waste Law of the State of Sinaloa and the importance of contributing to the care of the environment by reducing contamination by single-use plastics. .

“The straw and the plastic bag are not prohibited for customers or consumers, but for whoever distributes, markets, sells or grants them,” he explained.

He added that the reforms to the Solid Waste Law set exceptions when the bags are used for safety and health issues.

He pointed out that Sedesu will inspect 250 companies that it has located as large generators of these products, starting this July 20th with the visit to 32 companies located in Culiacán.

It should be noted that in a second stage, by February 15, 2021, plates, glasses, cups, cups, trays, containers, containers, spoons, forks, knives, glass lids, mixers or stirrers for drinks and rings for group, hold or load containers.


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